And as the Lord commanded me saying, change your title to apostle, so I did. Therefore I am no longer an elder ordained by man, but an anointed apostle according to the ordination of The Most High God.

Apostle White

Hello, my name is Ezzie White, an anointed apostle not of men but by the living spirit of God. I would like to welcome you to the Reality Hour web site. When I think back during my childhood and teenage years I remember how oftentimes I wondered why people expressed such terrible fear of the devil. Many times I felt that certain ones among whom I grew up, committed themselves to many unnecessary rituals, believing that such would provide them protection from the evils of Satan. I was told by some of these same individuals that God had created the devil, and was in fact his boss: however, what I was hearing didn't match with how I saw them living their lives. My observation caused me to become highly inquisitive concerning this particular mismatch of folks professing to trust in God while at the same time showing a greater fear of the devil.
I became determined to prove that God was indeed greater in power, and that he would stand against and defeat the devil  for anyone that trusted in him to do so. I guess you can say he had begun preparing me in my childhood stage, for what was to become my life's mission, battling the forces of evil. As a child I wanted then, the same as I do now, for people to know that the devil does not have to be feared. Well, many years have come and gone since the time of my youth, but as the words within a certain song states, "I've been fighting a long time, and I ain't got tired yet". My experiences have led me to conclude that life is defined within the context of all things being spiritual, and that our human experience, of having to encounter the evils of the devil, amounts to only one of many formations within the kaleidoscope of God's indescribable magnificence.
My ministry continues to evolve into a perspective of understanding the seriousness of man's spiritual quest through  his perceived reality. I am called of God to serve the need of men by expressing unto them that salvation of the soul amounts to spiritual liberty within the defines of His love. 
So again I welcome you to this web site that contains expressions relating to the mysteries of God. I trust you to become spiritually informed so that by knowledge you might gain entry into the rising ark of the Lord and be at peace within the midst of life's troubled waters
Peace and Love
How I Became An Apostle
It was November 30, 2003 that I was on air doing the Reality Hour program which at the particular time was called "The Pastor White Reality Hour". During the program I received a call from a listener who made the accusation that "Pastor White" being was an incorrect title for the listeners to have to respond to when calling. He explained that I wasn't the pastor of all who were listening to the program because many had their own pastors, therefore according to his understanding, I shouldn't have the listeners addressing me as "pastor".  
Well at the time I was thrown into a sense of uncertainty and responded by assuring the caller that I would definitely seek an answer from God as to the right or wrong concerning his acussation. I also informed him that whatever the Lord revealed unto me that I would publicly share the information on the next program.
Well that evening after the program I went and conducted service at the local temple over which I pastored, after which I retired to the study and privately sought to gain a perfect understanding concerning the caller's accusation. As I examined the scriptures concerning Christ and his disciples somehow I came to the conclusion that the caller was somewhat correct and with that discovery I sat there and began pondering just what "on air" title I should use going forward. So as I sat pondering on whether to use "The Elder White Reality Hour", or "The Brother White Reality Hour", which neither seemed to register in my heart, the voice of the Lord rang out and said, "change your title to apostle!" Now being somewhat disturbed upon hearing the Lord's voice and the thing of which he was instructing me to do I responded by asking him if he would support his instruction with scripture, at which time he said, "Luke four, eighteen and nineteen". Due to already having my bible opened I proceeded to find and read the scripture I was given. When I read Luke 4:18,19 I became weighted down in my heart and just simply slouched back in my chair and began absorbing the fact that what was happening was indeed real. So I asked God, "Lord why do I have to be an apostle?" And his final response to me was, "for the battle that you are about to engaged in, you need the title!" 
And there you have it. This is my official testimony of having been called to the apostleship within the service of the Lord.